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William was initiated into the Atlanta Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated in 1999.  His commitment to the Kapex Foundation is evident in his on-going service and financial commitment to the organization’s efforts to uplift and empower youth and to assist Hampton University Alumni with various scholarship programs.



Through the foundation, Darren's mission is to provide a living example of making the improbable possible and to ensure that deserving students are provided opportunities through scholarships.

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Brother Barnes values most the brotherhood, the opportunity to mentor and to be
mentored and servicing such an entity that seeks to accomplish the former two. The KappaEx
Foundation guarantees those benefits to its brothers and further seeks instill a degree of
excellence in accomplishing the chapter’s and the entire fraternity’s objectives. Brother Barnes
hopes to maintain the trend toward consistent excellence while supporting innovation and
calculated risks.

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Through the foundation, Edgar hopes to contribute to the efforts of others funding scholarships and programs in support of a well-rounded education that recognizes the importance of scholastic achievement and leadership

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Chris wants to ensure the growth and sustainability of Kapex for students who,
like my own children, are in need of assistance or an opportunity to complete their college
experience while continuing the promise of community service that I and my fraternal members
of Kappa Alpha Psi took during our undergrad tenure at Hampton University.

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